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You will find “Hiša zdravega oddiha” in Podslivnica — a small hamlet 10km out of Cerknica in the direction of Rakitna. Here, in the middle of Central Slovenia’s forests, only seven houses are occupied fulltime, and most of the buildings are barns. We are in an area full of wildlife, so meeting some is quite ordinary.

Razvoj Projekta Podeželje.png

Hiša Zdravega Oddiha

(The House of Healthy Relaxation)

The idea of setting up accommodation in a small village amid a forest was born in 2014. That

year my husband and I planted a field of goji berries, which has received the ecological

certificate in 2019. Sworn lovers of nature, tradition, and heritage, which the space offers

us, we decided to transform a dilapidating barn into luxury accommodation with rich and

local amenities. By restructuring the existing building, we gave it new life. This way, we can

offer our guests organic produce from our fields and at the same time let them experience

the preserved cultural and ethnological heritage of the place. The building is divided into

two floors: the apartments are in the attic, while the ground floor holds the sauna with

apitherapy (inhalation of bee air) and a common area for socialising and resting.

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