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Dan odprtih vrat hiše zdravega oddiha Podslivnica 02 Foto Ljubo Vukelič.JPG



Foto: Ljubo Vukelič / Občina Cerknica





The purpose of the project is to create the conditions for new job openings, specifically through the set-up of the tourist facility, and the creation of new products and services. The subject of the project is development of an integrated tourism product and the

arrangement of a sustainably built wooden tourist facility in the unspoiled countryside (Hiša zdravega oddiha), where partners will jointly offer luxury accommodation combined with newly developed restorative rehabilitation services and wellness programs adapted to

vulnerable groups, guess, and local residents of LAS Notranjska, as well as active, healthy, and natural leisure time. We also offer holistic psychological and physical regeneration, will introduce guess to the usefulness of processed wood, the basics of beekeeping and a green management approach, using local development potential.

The reason and need to carry out this project stems from the following:

- The applicant has been unemployed for a prolonged period, after he had to close a successful business due to customers failing to complete payments. As the goji berries plantation does not provide a sustainable income or full-time employment, he also started arranging tourist accommodation in a small hamlet in amid the forest of Central Slovenia, where guests will be offered luxury accommodation with rich and locally coloured amenities.

- All four partners are developmentally oriented and recognise in the innovative joint effort a necessity, not just an opportunity for additional profit.

- Everyone is aware they will make their work easier by exchanging knowledge and experience, and by dividing work and responsibilities. They are also aware that they will be more efficient and recognisable on the market by working together and will

reduce costs with joint sales and promotional activities.

- By establishing a partnership as part of the project, and by transferring knowledge and experience between the partners, it will be easier to continue with the marketing of new products after the project is finished. Doing so will help ensure the sustainability of the newly developed products and achieve higher added value.

- In the Central Slovenian region, there is a clear lack of wellness amenities accessible to vulnerable groups.

Problem solved by the project:

The project is solving the problem of lack of (quality) jobs, since the lead partner will register as an independent contractor/entrepreneur during the course of the project, and contribute to full-time pension and disability insurance payments, which is the main problem in the local development strategy for LAS Notranjska. In addition, the project also helps solve the lack of cooperation and integration among the inhabitants of LAS Notranjska, helps with poorly developed entrepreneurial initiatives, lack

of awareness amongst the locals about the importance of environmental protection and nature conservation, and with insufficient involvement of vulnerable groups in the activities of VŽU, which are all identified weaknesses of the local development strategy for LAS



- Coordination and management of the project,

- Promotion of the project,

- Investment in the tourist facility Hiša zdravega oddiha,

- Implementation of three different types of workshops

- Development of new products


- ALEŠ KOŠUTA (lead partner)




Duration of project: 1.7.2020 – 30.06.2021

Total value of the project: 76 312 EUR;

Amount co-financed by EKSRP: 69 987 EUR

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