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Hiša Zdravega Oddiha

Our facility, with its design and image, clearly demonstrates its commitment to natural materials for ecological construction. The building is simple – wooden throughout, built with locally sourced wood. The reason we decided for a wooden building is to honour the traditional barn which originally stood in this location. Due to its extremely poor condition, the barn had to be demolished, but we wanted to preserve the traditional construction of farm buildings in the village and in this way protect the identity of the place. Wood has many advantages in itself: it is a healthy, ecological, and local material. The construction, disassembly, and dismantle of wooden buildings are relatively simple, fast, and clean. Therefore, not too harsh on the environment! Wood also regulates moisture very well, cleans the air, and is a relatively good insulator. It has economic advantages as well, as it allows for smart and repeated use for various purposes. This is exactly what we benefited from, as we reused wooden elements of the demolished barn for interior design. Thermal insulation is made of ecological materials, and the walls are plastered with clay. The

advantage of using clay is moisture regulation and the absorption of harmful elements from the environment. Clay also has an extraordinary ability to accumulate heat and insulate sound. By using natural materials (wood, clay, stone wool) we have contributed to the protection of natural resources and the ecosystem. We have also taken care of reducing

costs during the life of the building. Finally, and most important to us, this way we can preserve the health and comfort of our users and ensure design and urban quality of local construction and environment. Once the building is no longer in use, it can be ‘returned’ to nature without an ecological footprint.

In this way, we guarantee sustainability of the building.

About Us

We are sworn lovers of nature, tradition, and heritage.  We love natural and cultural tourism, good local cuisine, and wine. Our desire is to create a form of tourism that responsibly protects nature and promotes the well-being of the local population. Even though we emigrated from our native Primorska, we are fascinated by the area where we live, which is why we want to bring it closer to others.

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