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The term came into use the first half of the 20 th century, when honey was first investigated from a medical point of view through clinical studies and studies of chemical composition of bee products. ‘Apitherapy’ means using bee products for prevention, treatment, recovery

from illness… With apitherapy, we can aid colds, stomach problems, can strengthen immunity, vitality, alleviate rheumatic problems, care for minor wounds and burns, relieve problems during menopause and menstruation, can use it to increase appetite. Bee products can also help strengthen someone who is ill. Bee products have been found to have positive effects on more than 500 different diseases, but their use is still mostly confined to the field of alternative medicine, which is not a medically recognised method

(Damijana Škrlj, article in ABC health, May 2010).

Aromatherapy in the beehive means strengthening health and preventing, alleviating, and treating health problems. Respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, bronchial and lung diseases are very common today because of polluted air. We have thought of these as well and have created apiary-like conditions in the rest area. A glass beehive is located in the room dedicated exclusively to relaxation (sauna). There customers can relax after an active day (biking, hiking, etc.) and enjoy the healing effects of the bee air by inhaling the air while resting. Bees create ventilation in the hive with their wings and disperse all medicinal substances into the air. Staying in such a space has beneficial and calming effects, and customers can stay in the room without the fear of being stung.
Apitherapy can have very soothing effects on the psychophysical state of people.

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